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Slomo Carlebach és lánya: Nesámá


Slomo Carlebach:
Haneshama lach
Vhaguf pa’aloch
Chusa chusa
Al hamaloch
Haneshama lach
Vhaguf pa’aloch
Chusa chusa Al hamaloch
Ah this is all dedicated
To my beautiful To my sweetest daughter
I wana wish you something very special
Besides everything else that I wish you
So this is the story:
I heard it from someone
Who was a neighbor to that couple
Who live now on tel aviv
Both of them were engaged
They’re from Cracow
They’re the children of the two most noble families in Cracow
Chassidesha yidden,
very wealthy Big bale tzedakkah
Giving away everything for others
Oh those children,
so beautiful
And they loved each other so much
The only sad this is 2 days after the engagement
The nazis came to Cracow
And the chosson was arrested
He went from one concentration to the other
Miraculously he stayed alive on auschwitz
And they hear in three days the Russians are coming
And everbodys hoping hoping
please Let me live for three more days
By then the nazis weren’t watching so much anymore
And he’s standing by the gate
Suddenly he noticed on the other side
In the women’s camp
His beautiful kallah
Gevald gevald
They only saw each other from afar
And they were in paradise
They managed to send each other a message
That the moment the Russians are coming
They should both meet
At one of the houses not so far from camp
The Russians came
He ran to the house
She ran to the house
The house was actually destroyed
only the dining room was still there
The dining room had a huge mirror
And u know my beautiful friends
You hear neshomele
None of them have seen themselves in five years
They had no mirrors in auschwitz
They remembered themselves as being handsome and beautiful
He looks in the mirror
Have the teeth are missing
Covered with blood
Barely alive
She, the most beautiful girl in the world
Doesn’t look like anything
Half the teeth are missing
No hair Covered with scars
Half dead
He says to her
How can you love me
She says I love you forever
And she says to him
Can you, how can you love me
I’m so ugly I don’t look human
And he says to her
I don’t think any woman ever looked more beautiful to a man then you look at me
You look to me at this moment
You know neshomele
I wana bless you
You should be connected with your neshome to everything
Because if you’re connected to something with your soul
They look so beautiful
But even more so
If it isn’t so beautiful yet
You can make it beautiful
You know this couple
Looks so beautiful now
Because they love each other so much
Neshomele I bless you
You should be connected with your neshome to yiddishkeit,
to Shabbos,
to the holy land,
to every Jew,
to every human being,
to yerushalayim,
to the beis hamikdash,
to the four corners of the world
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Bum bum bum
Oiyoiyoiy Oiyoiyoiy Oiyoiyoiy Oiyoiyoiy
Hanashome lach
Vehaguf pa’aloch
Chusa chusa
Al hamaloch


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